John Padlo - November 2012, Boise

Nov 1 2012 - Nov 30 2012 @ coffeehouse

John Padlo’s nostalgic oils return with a smorgasbord of sweet delights as flying saucers escort everything from superheroes to Twinkies on a lavish scale. Padlo is known for his stylized candies and pastries juxtaposed on canvas with classic vintage toys and UFOs -- along with his signature color palette.


Did Cavity Sam give birth to a Ring Pop? And is Captain America really saving the candy shop from aliens? Questions build and government secrets are exposed in Padlo’s new works, on display in November.


John Padlo’s vintage toy paintings first appeared at the Flying M in September of 2009 and have since been acquired by collectors all over the continental US, Europe, and Hawaii. Padlo’s work creates an emotional party for your “inner child,” and quenches your thirst for nostalgia.