Artist John Padlo - August 2009, Boise

Aug 6 2009 - Aug 30 2009 @ coffeehouse

John Padlo fondly remembers the longing for fantastic toys, action figures and futuristic inventions that were always just out of reach. Now a fully realized artist, John¹s work resurrects these vintage playthings and lost design techniques of a bygone era. With his evocative oil paintings as our guide, we recall a world of promise and imagination, unspoiled by a looming future of cheap manufacturing and brand saturation. Keen observers will note the influences the artist gained from the design, engineering and illustrative disciplines, which he distills through the aesthetic of the industrial revolution. Each composition invites the viewer to explore a secret story through the subtle interplay of light and shadow, nature and industry, past and present. Every brush stroke is a tribute to a truly free creative process, a celebration of youthful dreams realized, and an art form that is both lost and found.