Ari Dawson presents:  "All That We Were"
to Feb 5

Ari Dawson presents: "All That We Were"

When Ari was eight years old, her best friend at the time showed her a drawing she had made of two little girls. Ari ran home and tried to duplicate that sketch...and failed miserably!!! It was that day that she realized she wanted to be an artist, and chose to devote every day after that to the craft. Ari spent the next ten years finding inspiration from anime, manga, and her own imagination. It was only within the last couple of years through some very dark life situations that she began to express her feelings through her art. Her work is an inner struggle with her own image, her dark thoughts, and what it means to be a woman in our world.


She has been featured in the online magazine Chaotic Utopian but this is her first live showing of her work.

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Mandy Riley presents:  Unconditional Love
to Jan 3

Mandy Riley presents: Unconditional Love

There is nothing like walking through the front door of your home and being greeted by a wagging tail, or in my dog's case, a whole body wag.  For many of us, it is the best part of our day.  Unconditional love is what a dog brings into our lives.  Our lives are not all rainbows and sunshine, but, why can't our art be?  This work is about that radiant joy our furry friends bring into our hearts!

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Illo Collective presents:  "Pop! Goes the 90's"
to Dec 6

Illo Collective presents: "Pop! Goes the 90's"

The Illo Collective will be exhibiting 90s pop culture inspired work at the Flying M for the month of November. Growing up in the last decade of the 20th Century was exciting for this group of artists. Based on personal experiences from the era, expect a mix match of medium, technique, and concept. Please join them in exploring the enigma of the 90s this First Thursday!

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