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The Spill: Duel

Attendees are invited to tell a five-minute true story that relates literally or figuratively to the poem of the night, which is about dueling forces. The event will start with our inspiration: ♥ Catherine Kyle ♥ will be at the event to read her poem "Duel" live. So prepare your stories and prepare your ears. Also, PreFunk Beer Bar Nampa will join us to serve some tasty libations. Yum yum!

Here is a super cute starter kit of ideas for stories that you might have:
-Times you dueled with someone
-Times you dueled with your sweet self
-Times two ideas dueled in your head (think shoulder angel & shoulder demon)
-Times you laid down your sword and gave up the duel
-Times you got to say "Touche!" because you landed a blow
-Times you watched two forces put up their dukes and duel it out
-Whatever weapons you may wield
-Living in the aftermath of duel
-Preparing for an upcoming duel
-Realizing you are in a duel
-The recurring nightmare you have about Ronald Weasley saying "That's a wizard's chess!" in super slowmo . . .

Check out The Spill's event page to join and invite your pals!

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